This November, Georgians can cast their vote against judicial abuses and in support of a group that works every day to preserve the integrity of our State's judges.

Georgia's Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC), for over forty years, has successfully fulfilled its role as judicial watchdog, forcing judges who abuse their power to change their ways or, in many cases, resign from the bench.

If passed, Amendment 3 on Georgia's ballot on November 8 will dismantle the current JQC and remake it as a rubber stamp, run by politicians. Amendment 3 is written in an intentionally misleading way to confuse voters who believe in a fair and accountable justice system. One of the key amendment sponsors is a disgraced former judge who resigned following a JQC investigation into his sexual misconduct.

We must allow the JQC to continue its critical work. We must defeat Amendment 3.

Here's why you should Vote NO.